So the fact that entire continents only get one princess to represent them wasn’t enough, these crackers decided to make even those princesses white too. 

But ya know, just like they said about white princess Tiana “its important for girls, regardless of race, to feel represented in movies for kids” which is why we need to change every woc princess to white. Yep. Thats right. White girls are under represented. Change all woc to white. That is how you make young girls feel represented

what the fuck is this bullshit
are they going to ignore aurora and snow white and ariel and the whole bunch like fuck that noise

wtf they legit made all the most beautiful disney princesses ugly :/

I swear whites feel the need to take over everything and ruin it.
- Ingrid

guys you need to calm down, okay. i see edits of the white princess as other raises all the time. it’s just a re-imagining, that it. Disney themselves didn’t do it so just chill.

please count how many white princesses there are to any other race. there are more than ten white disney princesses. there is only one south asian (jasmine), one black (tiana), one east asian (mulan), one native american (pocohontas), and one romani (esmeralda, if you even count her as a princess, which most don’t). please do not tell me whitewashing is on the same level as racebending. please do not try to convince me that making representation of other races where there was none is the same as erasing representation. please sit your white ass down and listen.

This is really racist and all but it’s also really hilarious.

Because these are some ugly ass white princesses. Who the fuck did this editing. Oh my god.

This is from clickhole. A subsidiary of The Onion.

You know, a satire website. Designed to take the piss out of this kind of thing.

Is it their place though? I’m white so I can’t say.

But my point still stands. These is ugly princesses.





ladies and gentlemen, the most accurate post on tumblr


Sounds about right


attack of the fluff monster


Also I finally got Sunshine a second litter box that is VERY GOOD it is a long, wide gray tub that is like the one we’ve used at my parents’ since forever

problem is that it basically takes an entire small thing of litter so like getting enough litter for it and the old box is going to be fun



"Fuck off Shaun I am taking a picture."



"Fuck off Shaun I am taking a picture."



Supernova remnants imaged with the Chandra X-Ray space telescope.







I am a Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust. 1/3 of my generation is gone and I will not turn my back on this tragedy. I have taken up my cross and joined the front lines of the Abortion Wars.

I will mourn the lost of 56+ million babies, I will grieve over the death of baby Isaiah, I will fight for the inherent right to life, for women to stop being treated as sex objects and for the post-abortive mothers and fathers who suffer in silence, and lastly pray for the end of abortion.

"I am a Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust.”
Are you a Jew, homosexual, disabled person, Roma, Jehovah’s Witness, born into 1940 Germany? No? Then you are not a survivor of the Holocaust.  

"1/3 of my generation is gone and I will not turn my back on this tragedy."
Yeah, and one third of ‘your generation’ lives in poverty, is hungry, needs medical care, is being abused, and needs support yet you weep over the ‘injustice’ of abortion.

"I have taken up my cross and joined the front lines of the Abortion Wars."
You are not Jesus. You are not a hero. You are a person sitting behind a little screen crying over some fertilized eggs.

"I will mourn the lost of 56+ million babies,"
Mourn the loss of the BILLIONS of babies who will die from hunger. Or who will die TONIGHT because of lack of health services. Mourn the loss of the MILLIONS of little girls who will die by suicide, in childbirth, or by the hands of their husbands because they are child-brides. Fetuses do not need you, real, living little kids need you.

"I will grieve over the death of baby Isaiah, I will fight for the inherent right to life,"
Sorry to break it to ya, but there isn’t an ‘inherent right to life.’ If there was, war, poverty, lack of healthcare, and the death penalty wouldn’t be around.

"for women to stop being treated as sex objects"
The first step of this is to stop seeing us as objects to carry a pregnancy. If we don’t want to be pregnant, we don’t want to be fucking pregnant and there is NOTHING you can say that will stop that.

"and for the post-abortive mothers and fathers who suffer in silence,"
Or you can just support them, no need to ‘fight’ anyone. People who regret their abortion need, first and foremost, people like you to shut the fuck up about ‘abortion is evil!’ ‘abortion kills a baby!’ because THAT is what causes the stigma. THAT makes people suffer. Second, they need people who will LISTEN without judgement. They need people who will SUPPORT how they feel, even if they are HAPPY about their abortion.

"and lastly pray for the end of abortion."

Good. Keep praying. Because everyone knows praying gets shit done.

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Bitch gonna learn today

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If people gave a shit about lowering abortion rates, they would advocate for unbiased sex education, easy to access and affordable birth control, easily assessable health clinics, educating people about pregnancy, STIs, HIV, safe sex and family planning…

…along with assisting poor people who want families, children with no homes, and overall helping health care and living conditions around the world be better.

But no lol clumps of cells matter more than already living persons amiryt.

Also OP go fuck yourself. My family didn’t suffer in Auschwitz for your piece of shitbag ass to compare abortion to the Holocaust.



That last gif….

Bill. Fucking. Nye.

Can’t go wrong with him. He is the shit.